La nocturne du vendredi

Charlie... What next?

Satire at the heart of the evening events on Friday 1 May

The Fair for Books and Press couldn’t ignore the criminal attack on the editorial staff of Charlie Hebdo in January. Because discussion and the exchange of opinions are sources of stimulation, because culture and humour are barriers against intolerance, and because freedom and impertinence will forever fight against oppression, we have decided to dedicate the evening events on Friday 1 May to satire.
On that evening, we will be paying tribute to freedom of expression, its defenders and its victims, and we will ask ourselves about its borders and boundaries – and whether it even has any, its links to democracy, to our cultures and institutions, and the misunderstandings to which it may lead as a result of the globalisation of media access and its content.
During this evening, the various areas of the Fair for Books and Press will be offering events related to satire, with the aim of exchanging ideas about its values, and the risks and requirements of freedom, and of building bridges between people of good will who have different opinions regarding the impressive and tragic cartoon heritage that is the legacy of the eternal, irreverent jokers of Charlie Hebdo.
Free admission from 5:00 pm