Matthieu Ricard photographer

The Geneva Book and Press Fair is happy to welcome this year an exhibition of photographs by Matthieu Ricard. This French Buddhist monk settled in Nepal after discovering the country back in 1967. He is a philosopher and writer, author of “Altruism: the power of compassion to change yourself and the world” (to be published in English in June 2015), translator of Buddhist texts, French interpreter for the Dalai Lama and geneticist. Tireless advocate of meditation, spirituality and animal dignity, he has also shown over several decades to be a gifted photographer.

Superb Himalayan landscapes, spiritual teachers, women, men, beautifully smiling children, dancers and horses in the wind; his photographs possess this rare talent to reveal the powerful links between humans and the universe. His images are intense and radiate serenity. They are regularly exhibited in museums and art galleries throughout the world and published by magazines such as “National Geographic” or even “Animan” in Switzerland.

“Matthieu’s spiritual life and his camera are one same thing; it is there that his transient and eternal images find their roots”, said once his friend and photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson. The photographs shown on the Travel place of the Geneva Book and Press Fair will be sold and the proceeds will be given to the humanitarian association Karuna-Shechen that Matthieu Ricard created. Karuna-Shechen works with the populations of Tibet, Nepal and India in the field of education and health.

Matthieu Ricard will honour us by his presence Saturday May 2nd and Sunday May 3rd.