Parrains&Poulains (Mentoring Project)

For the third year in a row, the Geneva Fair for Books and Press is involved in the promotion of the next generation in literature and the exchange of expertise between French-speaking authors with its Parrains&Poulains project, an artistic mentoring programme which brings together five established authors and five authors at the start of their literary activities. This innovative project aims to encourage the next literary generation in French-speaking Switzerland and encourage the transmission of knowledge in the field of writing experience and the profession of author by creating personal connections between five pairs of French-speaking authors from two different generations.

These improvised pairs will meet up several times between December and the Fair for Books and Press where they will share with the public, during this literary event, what they have discussed. The “elders” will introduce their “juniors” at the Fair and will discuss with them literary creativity, publication and the place of authors in society. The work in progress by the “mentees” will also benefit from the careful scrutiny of the “mentors”.

A volume will be created containing unpublished texts by these ten authors, their profiles and a joint interview with each of the pairs. This volume will be released free of charge at the Geneva Fair for Books and Press.

» Download the 2015 edition (.pdf, 2.2 Mo)

The works published in 2013 and 2014 can be found here:

» Download the 2013 edition (.pdf, 1.3 Mo)
» Download the 2014 edition (.pdf, 1.3 Mo)

The pairs for the 2015 edition are made up of the following authors:

  • Jean-François Duval and Lolvé Tillmanns
  • Raphaël Aubert and Fanny Wobmann
  • Mousse Boulanger and Colin Bottinelli
  • Janine Massard and Xochitl Borel
  • Sylviane Roche and Fanny Voélin


With the support of   Fondation Michalski   and   pro helvetia