Price RTS literature Teens 2015

Founded in 2006, The RTS Teen Literature Award aims to promote reading and to encourage creative writing for young people. It gives rise to TV show Lire Délire produced with the support of the CIIP (inter-cantonal Conference of Education) with the active participation of classes from the seven French-speaking cantons.

Seven titles are being considered for the 2014 Award. The selection is made by a committee of librarians and booksellers specialized in youth literature and the production team the TV show Lire Délire. The books  are all written in French and published between May 2013 and May 2014.

 The jury is composed of young people from throughout Western Switzerland. The winner will be announced on April 29th, at two o’clock on the RTS stand.

The 10 books selected are:

  • Après la vague, Orianne Charpentier, Editions Gallimard
  • Coup de Meltem, Sigrid Baffert, La Joie de lire
  • Là où naissent les nuages, Annelise Heurtier, Casterman
  • Ma réputation, Gaël Aymon, Actes sud Junior
  • L’homme-qui-dessine, Benoît Séverac, éditions Syros
  • Dossier Océan, Claudine Aubrun, éditions du Rouergue
  • 20 pieds sous terre, Charlotte Erlih, Actes Sud Junior