The aim of the “Tandems” project is to foster creativity and the exchange of ideas.

Three pairs of francophone and Moroccan writers will meet up in Casablanca at the International Book and Publishing Fair which runs from 12 to 23 February, and then again at the Geneva Fair for Books and Press. Each of the Moroccan authors will welcome a francophone author at a stage at the Casablanca Fair, interview him or her and introduce the Swiss writer to a place that is dear to the Moroccan’s heart. In return the Swiss author will welcome his or her Moroccan guest to Geneva, introduce him or her to the Swiss public and show him or her his favourite aspects of Geneva during the Geneva Fair.

The pairings will bring together the following writers:

  • Sylviane Dupuis and Kebir Mustapha Ammi
  • Julien Burri and Kaoutar Harchi
  • Jean-Michel Olivier and Bouthaina Azami